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Custom Molding
Explore some of the custom molding solutions we have provided.
Bobbins & Spools
Listing of bobbins and spools we have available.
Braiding Accessories
Braiding machine accessories we have available for purchase.
Universal Roller Skids
Our universal roller skids attach to push cameras to improve pipeline inspection.

Solving customer problems and providing custom molding solutions for over 50 years. Our experience coupled with product diversity makes us a leader in the industry. This includes part & mold design, material selection, mold building, molding and ISO quality systems.

Bobbins and spools has been a service of Cavallero Plastics for nearly four decades. Cavallero Plastics offers a wide choice of standard and custom bobbins and spools for a broad range of machines such as NE Butt, Wardwell, Steeger, Hacoba, Ratera, Spirka and more, which makes us a recognized name in the braiding industry. We also have a variety of winding accessories available.

In addition, we are the inventors and producer of Universal Roller Skids for Push cameras. Our Roller Skids protect cameras and allow them to navigate obstacles and get further down pipes.